Restaurant SALA

Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 50, LT-44334 Kaunas.
Open every working day from 11 am to 5 pm.



Parking next to the restaurant

The parking lot near Zalgirio Arena will be available for 3 hours of free parking during non-event times. You are required to have the ADC parking app installed on your smartphone and have it connected to your bank card and the vehicle‘s plate number. The parking spots will be available only for pre-purchased tickets, and only for the vehicle that will be registered in the ADC parking system. After three hours of free parking, every additional hour will cost 1 euro.

Do you want to park during event? The parking time will be set for three hours before the event (for example, if a EuroLeague game starts at 8 PM, it means the start of parking time is 5 PM). From that momento ne, it is a fixed price for the parking for the entirety of the event, and not hourly as it has been up until now. The parking price will vary between 3-10 euros, and will be available to purchase on the ADC parking system.



Reservations rezerv.jpg

Open hours: Monday - Friday 11:00 - 17:00


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